Gregory Neil Hill

Contact Information Available Upon Request


Skill Expertise Experience Last Used
Javascript Expert 9 Years Currently Used
HTML/DHTML/XHTML Expert 9 Years Currently Used
Perl Expert 8 Years Currently Used
CSS Advanced 9 Years Currently Used
MySQL Advanced 8 Years Currently Used
Template Toolkit Advanced 4 Years Currently Used
Linux Intermediate 8 Years Currently Used
Apache Intermediate 5 Years Currently Used
mod_perl Intermediate 5 Years Currently Used
Source Control - CVS/Subversion/VSS Intermediate 5 Years Currently Used
SOAP/XMLRPC Intermediate 2 Years Currently Used
AJAX Intermediate 2 Years Currently Used
Postgresql Intermediate 1 Year 2 Years Ago
Mason Beginner 1 Year 1 Year Ago
PerlEx Beginner 1 Year 3 Years Ago


May 2008 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

Lansing, MI

Liquid Web

Build internal and customer-facing apps centered around customer service, billing, account maintenance, and human-resources.  All apps are built using Perl, FCGI, Mason, and either Postgres or MySQL.

Jul 2006 - May 2008

Senior Software Engineer

Orem, UT

United Online

Design and implement web-based tools for building websites and other utilities related to web-hosting. Developed a system for handling a large volume of photos, was a major contributor to a blog application, audited codebase and fixed any issues related to upgrading from RedHat 7.2 to Fedora Core 6, and currently working on a flexible, dynamic site building application. Also built automated test suites for most of the aforementioned projects.  All projects used Perl, mod_perl, Oracle, and sometimes MySQL.

Sep 2005 - Jul 2006

Web Developer III

Orem, UT

Tahitian Noni International

Created an online shopping portal for Tahitian Noni products, developed applications available only to distributors, most notably a dynamic website builder. Also worked on reporting utilities related to a distributor's organization.

May 2005 - Sep 2005

Software Engineer

Park City, UT

Part of the engineering team responsible for all site maintenance and development. Specialize in building inventory analysis and purchasing reports. Spend most of my time writing large, complex queries to summarize millions of rows of data from a Postgresql database and display them for the buyers and inventory managers. Also do maintenance work on all parts of the site, which is written in Interchange, an open-source Perl e-commerce package.

May 2004 - May 2005

Software Engineer

Holladay, UT

Navitaire, Inc.

Part of a team responsible for re-engineering the online flight booking software. The new architecture will turn the product into an API that client airlines can utilize to design their own sites instead of being forced into a set page flow. Responsible for coding several API component modules, some supporting classes utilized by those components, and creating an interface to those components using Perl's Template Toolkit package. The project is written in object-oriented Perl atop Apache/mod_perl or IIS/PerlEx.

Dec 1999 - Mar 2004

Lead Programmer

Orem, UT

Internet Development, Inc.

Lead the development of several projects through the entire software life cycle, including one of the company's flagship products and its billing database. Coordinated with Design and Project Management and supervised from one to four programmers on each project. Catalyzed the change from procedural to object-oriented methodologies, including designing the entire object hierarchy for several projects. Considered the Javascript expert by other programmers and sought after when any Javascript needs arose. Also developed several cross-browser Javascript libraries which have been used in all major projects for several years. Pushed database normalization forward and designed or helped design relational databases for all projects. Developed a custom markup language which greatly simplified interface customization for each client and cut development time down significantly. Also built a user rights system into the billing database's interface which restricted access to sensitive information and provided an additional layer of security. Developed a company intranet which allowed for easier access to Human Resources functions and Payroll reports, among other things. Produced stable, reliable products even when time constraints were demanding. All projects were written in object-oriented Perl atop Apache/mod_perl with a MySQL backend.

Sep 1999 - Jan 2000

HTML Associate

Orem, UT

Galaxy Mall, Inc.

Developed web pages, including the HTML markup, graphic design, and Javascript, for small businesses to be included in an online mall. Was given three days per project, but often finished in one or two, while working at another position full-time. Used CSS to centralize design and shorten development time. Eventually was trusted to work on two projects simultaneously, and still delivered both on time.

Mar 1999 - Dec 1999

Quote Inspector

Provo, UT

Insurquote Systems, Inc.

Tested a comparative auto-insurance rating product. Responsibilities included the creation of complex Excel spreadsheets, strictly following established testing guidelines, maintaining quality while working under tight time restrictions, coordinating with programmers to ensure all bugs are fixed, and maintaining a current knowledge of proper implementation of all possible insurance rating methods.


Sep 1995 - May 1996

Rochester Institute of Technology

Worked on a Bachelors in Computer Engineering - 3.19 GPA

Sep 1991 - May 1995

Broken Arrow High School

Completed a Diploma - 3.87 GPA