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Over the years I have worked as a web developer/programmer/software engineer, I have been blessed to work on many projects, both at my job and in personal endeavors. Here I present a list of all those projects, grouped by the company under whom they were developed.

I was only at Backcountry a short while, and nearly all of the code I worked on was in the admin area, so I have nothing to show you for what I did there. It was definitely an interim-period in my learning, as I was just discovering the wonders of Ajax and renewing my rusty Javascript skills. I can't say I enjoyed working with Interchange much. I guess I was spoiled from working at Navitaire and learning how things should be designed.

Due to health reasons, I needed to find a job closer to home, so after only 4 months I accepted a position with Tahitian Noni.

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During my tenure at IDI, I was involved primarily in the development of the company's Array product (a replicatable site-building engine for vertical market companies). My primary duties on that project included the Planner, Address Book, Site Builder, Login, Survey Builder, Message Board, Email List Manager, and so on until eventually it became my project with other developers being assigned to help with implementation only. As time went on, I was pulled on to a few other projects, including the company billing system Odyssey.

Note: Some of these dates may be inaccurate, but the chronology should be correct. Also, some of the sites may have been changed or removed since I worked on them, so bear that in mind when clicking on the links.

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During my year at Navitaire, I worked as part of a team to rewrite their most profitable product, Skylights. It's an online flight-booking system. With the old Skylights, client airlines could customize the look and feel to some degree, but were always limited to what parts were made customizable by the developers. The rewrite involved moving everything into a callback-based API with a default set of templates that could be changed entirely at the whim of the client. It was a great project to be involved with, and it's the most team-oriented work environment I've experienced to date.

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Pet Projects

Over the years, I've taken it upon myself to ruin my social life by being involved in several personal projects. Generally, I pursued each of these in order to fuel my creative fire and improve my skills, but each site also serves a distinct purpose beyond that.

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Tahitian Noni

My main project at Tahitian Noni is the retail site, but when there are gaps in need for that, I am able to work on features for Noni Office or other related websites. Most of the cool stuff I work on is available only to Tahitian Noni distributors.

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