Tahitian Noni

My main project at Tahitian Noni is the retail site, but when there are gaps in need for that, I am able to work on features for Noni Office or other related websites. Most of the cool stuff I work on is available only to Tahitian Noni distributors.

Tahitian Noni Cafe

Project began Mar 2006

Although partially completed, I was asked to finish up the redesign of the Cafe website. We decided to go all out and throw browser compatability to the wind (as in, IE 5 is not supported, unlike our other public sites).

I refactored what was there and made it a CSS layout instead of nested table madness, plus I implemented some more fanciful javascript.

New Cafe Site - http://www.tni.com/united_states/english/tncafe/index_new.html

I don't think this has officially launched as of this writing, as it was waiting on content, but you can go play with it if you'd like.

Web Store

Project began Sep 2005

The reason I was hired was to help rewrite the store for both retail and wholesale ordering. Mostly it was just reworking of existing functionality, but I've also added my fair share of features.

Wholesale Store

Launched Mar 2006

If you could get in, you could see the wholesale ordering store in Noni Office. It's basically the same as the Retail store, but it also has an ajax-based quick order page so you can order everything on one page.

Retail Store - http://www.tni.com

Launched Jan 2006

Retail ordering site for Tahitian Noni products. There used to be a javascript-based image slideshow on the main page (similar to my wife's photography site, but with product images), but we wanted to cut down on file size on the index page to not scare off 56k'ers.

There's not a lot of programming fanciness, but it does what it's supposed to do.

Noni Office

Project began

You'd need a login to access this, but I'll see if I can get permission to use some screenshots of the features I've worked on.

This is basically the Noni equivalent of IDI's array product. A site builder, contact manager, planner, and reports. Except that in this case we can get data from the main database, so there's useful information to be found here.

Site Builder

Launched Mar 2006

An ajax-based, drag-and-drop, super-duper Javascripty website builder. It's pretty sweet. It actually garnered applause from the distributors when it was announced at Convention.

Focus Report

Launched Nov 2005

My first project at Noni. They had a report where a distributor could drill-down through their downline to retrieve various bits of information about each person that works under them. But, the Japan office wanted to expand the report to have more views and options. So, we made it a tree-based, ajax-lazy-loading report, and all other sorts of fanciness.